As promised, here is a list of the most common benefits of a foot zone. There are many more benefits to receiving a foot zone, but if I listed all of them this post would be never-ending. 

  1. Releases tension and induces relaxation – Let’s be honest a good ole fashion foot massage feels great, feeling great helps to relieve tension and induces relaxation.  
  2. Cleanses toxins out of the body Foot zoning helps to open up the lymphatic system. Getting rid of toxins has an overall benefit to the entire body, mind, and soul.
  3. Strengthens immune system – Getting rid of toxins in the body assists the immune system to fight off infection. 
  4. Relationships can be improved – A foot zone practitioner focuses on the male and female genitalia and endocrine system. Getting blood flow and removing the gunk out of this area just may make you a bit more amorous.   
  5. Help to stabilize emotions – Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Whether that is because of hormones or life happenings, a foot zone will help improve your mental state. Your life problems may still be there when we have finished zoning but it will certainly allow you to take time to breathe and relax and sometimes that’s all we need to get a different perspective. 
  6. Improves sleep – If you are having issues with sleeping, we can focus the foot zone on moving the heavy metals and toxins out of the system and I can show you where to massage right before bed to help you sleep better.
  7. Pain relief – Aah pain is a real pain, isn’t it? When zoning we can help identify where the blockage is and work on it to release it which in turn helps to alleviate pain.
  8. Liver issues – Our livers, are quite the workhorse and we put a lot of burden on them, why not get a zone to help flush those nasty toxins out? If are going through any type of withdrawal, whether that be, alcohol, drug, sugar, etc. a zone with a focus on the liver will help you through that process.
  9. Digestive System – Between our diets and stress levels sometimes our digestion system turns against us or maybe you have Crohn’s or diverticulitis, chronic heartburn, or some other chronic digestive issue, a foot zone can help get things flowing properly.
  10. Headaches – Who doesn’t get tension headaches, or maybe you suffer from migraines, yep, a foot zone can help alleviate headaches.
  11. Flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and/or Achille heel issues – People with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles heel issues can be in constant pain which interferes with normal day-to-day activity. Regular foot exercise coupled with a foot zone can help significantly lessen the pain.
  12. Edema– Edema is swelling due to fluid retention in the feet and ankles and is very common. Foot zoning gets that fluid moving and alleviates the uncomfortable pain.
  13. Surgery – Receiving a foot zone during your healing process after surgery can help flush out the anesthesia, and help with getting blood flood to the affected area which helps it to heal quicker.
  14. Cancer Treatment – If you are battling this nasty disease a foot zone can help alleviate nausea, stimulate healing, generate blood flow, help to release toxins and will do amazing things for your mental and emotional state.

Foot zoning can assist our body’s natural healing ability. Our bodies are amazing and have an incredible system in place to heal themselves, foot zoning helps to speed that process up. We want to keep our bodies running at peak performance otherwise diseases rear their ugly heads. Foot zoning will help align our body systems to better balance and increase health. Make foot zoning part of your regular health regimen and you will experience a vast improvement in your overall well-being.