This remarkable device elevates your body’s internal temperature and generates deep thermal resonance frequencies when your feet are placed on the electrode plates. This process opens meridians, dissolves blockages, purifies the blood, and strengthens your immunity. It is a holistic approach that targets every aspect of your body, from the smallest cells to internal organs, bones, and skeletal muscles. It’s a versatile solution that can help support individuals dealing with various health conditions, weakened immune systems, or those who want to maintain their health.

The RF INNER Cleanse Foot Detox treatments go beyond improving blood circulation within your body’s organs; they also raise the body’s internal temperature to guard against diseases and support lymph health. Increasing the body’s temperature by just one degree can amplify your immunity 5-6 times. This, in turn, accelerates blood circulation and facilitates the breakdown of toxins.

As the body’s temperature rises and blood circulation accelerates, waste and toxins are efficiently broken down. This process aids in the removal of mucus, cholesterol, and fat buildup on artery and vein walls, enabling the body to eliminate them gradually. Furthermore, it boosts the distribution of fresh oxygen and nutrients through the blood, detoxifying the organs. This, in turn, enhances the body’s self-purification function and supports its immunity and self-repair systems, allowing cells and genes to initiate repair and rejuvenation processes.

Using the RF INNER Cleanse Foot Detox system alongside foot zoning maximizes the benefits of both treatments. It is important to note that certain health conditions might make you ineligible for the RF INNER Cleanse Foot Detox system, but do not worry; foot zoning alone is quite beneficial. We will evaluate your eligibility and discuss whether the RF INNER Cleanse Foot Detox system is appropriate.

Here is a quick list of conditions the RF INNER Cleanse Foot Detox system may help with:

Back pain

Some cardiovascular diseases

High blood pressure


Varicose Veins

Joint pain


Immune issues

Enlarged prostate

Gynecological diseases


Weakened immune system

Post cancer treatment

Enlarged liver and spleen

Neurological issues

Many more